Wintersummer in Australia

Been doing a ton of this-and-that since the beginning of the year; gigs with friends, demoing songs with Greg, playing with my trio some in the French Quarter and working on the Daveaux album joint… but mainly been enjoying New Orleans and the anti-winter we generally have here.



I’m going to be playing with Mark Lanegan (as a duo) again, this time we’re going to Australia for a couple of weeks with Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Probably a lot like opening for Elvis in Graceland.  That two-man dynamic is fun as hell and so satisfying in a way that’s completely different from melting faces off in a band situation. The quieter you play, the harder people listen, and the message seems more deeply transmitted.




Hopefully Moreton Bay bugs are in season, I’ve yet to get a proper education on that stuff but DAMN they are one of my favorite seafoods. And as far as i know there’s only ONE place to get ‘em, and it’s a 19-hour flight from here.


Oh hell yes.  Then, home to finish assembling tracks for my thing & hopefully some work with Terry.

You can get his new track here:

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  1. Karen

    what about you do this in Europe too? Dammit Dave, we’ve got great seafood in Greece too….
    Would be amazing to see you two opening for Nick Cave.
    Have a great time!
    and be back in New Orleans in October…

    March 1st, 2013

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