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Alex Rawls Interview

via MySpiltMilk:

“…Rosser ran into The Circle Bar’s Jason Songe on the street and while they were talking mentioned working on a new band to stay busy. Songe pulled out his calendar and found a date for him on the spot. Later, Songe called when he realized he didn’t get the band’s name. Rosser didn’t have one, but while he was on the phone, “My friend Jack said You need to call it The Get Busy because you’ve been fucking off too long.””

©Charlie Varley 2013

The Get Busy


The Get Busy

Featuring Rick Nelson, Zacharia Lee Hobbs, Keith Hajjar and yours truly

This Saturday, August 16, 10pm
Circle Bar New Orleans

rockabilly • trance • metal • shoegaze

us, in love, spanning time

EU Tour ‘14

The shows have been a good time and the audiences are giving the love in return. Even on the new material (which is usually the “go get a drink” moment when seeing a band whose songs were the soundtrack to your school years).  Feeling totally juiced.


Some highlights – In Trenčín, Slovakia at Pohoda Festival, our tech & L.A. Kings hockey über-fan Larry Palm got an early Xmas… When we played Davd Letterman earlier this year, during the playoffs, he put Go Kings Go on all our amps. He went to the championship game…  Marián Gáborík is from the area and got to take the Stanley Cup to this festival, on tour. The presentation happened on OUR STAGE as an opener before our set..,. The local hero came onstage to thousands of screaming locals, saw Larry in his Kings shirt, hoisted the Cup up, filled it with champagne, and called out Larry to drink from it in front of 5,00 screaming Slovaks! A triumphant moment, we were all losing it.


photos: John Curley

In Manchester the crowd was generous and the atmosphere surreal. A high point for the tour and me personally.



Joe Parker

Joe Parker is a luthier from Austin, Texas. He builds guitars inspired by 60’s modernist architecture of the Japanese pawnshop prize guitars like the Teisco Del Rey Spectrum (only not shitty and they stay in tune). Different neck profiles & pickup combinations are available. Some models come with Bigsby’s or Jag/Jazzmaster vibratos, others have Tele or Gibson-style fixed bridges. He uses Jason Lollar pickups.

I’ll be using a Joe Parker Spectre VI on the European leg of the 2014 Afghan Whigs tour – I acquired it last week and have not been able to put it down since. It’s bizarre – the pickup combination isn’t really found on any production model I’ve ever seen, but seems to be equally great at pure R.O.C.K. as well as twangy stuff. It feels great at any height, has good balance and is super lightweight and sustainy.



You should check out his work and get you one, before they become popular & the back-orders stack up. These are pretty goddamn affordable despite being handmade. There is a neck shape & pickup combo for just about any hand or style of music, and the body shape is a show-stopper. I took one to New Orleans’ Frenchmen Street to sit in with friends last weekend and got a dozen comments before I’d played a note.

Joe Parker Spectre I

(Here’s the Spectre I)

Afghan Whigs perform ‘Matamoros’ on Letterman

Stir Crazy

been raining a lot

fontainebleu tree


Later SA!

it kills holland

The links are up on YouTube – our appearance on Later With Jools Holland on BBC2 went live. Here’s a LINK

Buenos Aires & São Paulo have been very kind to us. Tomorrow we go to Santiago, Chile where I get to see some old and new friends, and indulge in my final red meat for a long time (prietas!!! Thanks, Aldo!).

Here, some of the São Paulo show: